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DAVID BOWIE-Starman Remembered-The Revenant.
Opening reception February 25, 2016. Taschen Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Mick Rock's iconic photos of David Bowie circa 1972-1973 along with Kimberley French's still photography from the Academy Award nominated movie, "The Revenant." Gracing the evening were Bowie photographer Mick Rock, Revenant Photographer Kimberley French, and Director Alejandro González Iñárritu, along with many other celebrities.
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Taschen Gallery-Los Angeles, CADaniel Cieplinski with BIG Bowie!Mick Rock with Kimberley FrenchBowie pesonal photographer 1972-1973, MICK ROCKMick & MeMick & MeMr. Paul SorvinoGregory Bojorquez and friendsStephen and Mark CollinsRevenant director Alejandro González IñárrituRevenant director Alejandro González IñárrituBenedikt Taschen and Kimberley FrenchRevenant director Alejandro González Iñárritu with photographer Kimberley FrenchGregory Bojorquez keeping everything under controlParty Time!!