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Chinese Year of the Dog Parade in Los Angeles 2018
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-Michael Eivaz Photography
Chinese Parade 2018-1_DSC3973Chinese Parade 2018-2_DSC3973Chinese Parade 2018-3_DSC3976Chinese Parade 2018-4_DSC3978Chinese Parade 2018-5_DSC3989Chinese Parade 2018-6_DSC3999Chinese Parade 2018-7_DSC4002Chinese Parade 2018-8_DSC4005Chinese Parade 2018-9_DSC4016Chinese Parade 2018-10_DSC4026Chinese Parade 2018-11_DSC4028Chinese Parade 2018-12_DSC4051Chinese Parade 2018-13_DSC4054Chinese Parade 2018-14_DSC4060Chinese Parade 2018-15_DSC4063Chinese Parade 2018-16_DSC4065Chinese Parade 2018-17_DSC4067Chinese Parade 2018-18_DSC4085Chinese Parade 2018-19_DSC4091Chinese Parade 2018-20_DSC4096